Monday, March 1, 2010

Planning the Garden

It's really hard to be patient when waiting to plant the garden. If you plant too early you can either damage the soil or the seeds. When it starts warming up the first thing I start to do to get in the spirit of gardening is to plan my garden.

I first draw/outline on paper what I would like to plant for the year.

I then take inventory of the seeds I have. What seeds do I need to purchase? What seeds should I start indoors ahead of time?

I write down/map when I'm going to plant each vegetable. This helps when planting season comes around. Some crops I plant one or two weeks apart so that I can enjoy a long crop of it such as peas, green onions, etc.

I then decide if I want to add any more raised beds or pots with additional plants. I start buying the seeds and supplies ahead of time.

If this is your first year gardening you will want to decide how you are going to garden (raised beds, flower beds, etc.). You need a spot that gets full sunlight. I think most people that start a garden make the mistake of thinking the plants need some shade. Every garden I've grown (on my own and with my dad) has always been in full sunlight. They have all been very successful. If you are in the area and would like me to help you find a good spot, give me a call. I'd be happy to help, or to seek advice from some of the great gardeners I know.

If this is your first year gardening, also decide what kind of supplies you need. If you are making raised beds acquire the supplies, and build it now so that it will be ready when planting season comes around.

Planning ahead of time really helps to utilize your space and time. Good luck and have fun! It's still not too late to order some seed catalogs and to thumb through and decide what will be in the garden this year.

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