Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking Ahead . . .

I've had a couple of people tell me they'd be interested in learning to can this year. I think it would be great to get a group of us together to do it together. It will make the task both faster, and fun. There are a few things you will need. Let's focus on the basic canning needs.

Look ahead for canning jars if you don't have any. Thrift stores and the DI are excellent places to get your canning jars. I see them there all the time. Also ask around. If you know someone who used to can that doesn't anymore, they may be willing to give or sell you their old jars. You can also buy them new in most grocery stores, but it would be a lot cheaper to buy them used.

You will need a canner or a canning pot. Most foods (with the exception of freezer jam) need to be processed. The canning pot makes it necessary. Most of them come with a canning rack already in them, but if they don't look for one of those too. If you will be doing canning with someone else and they have the canner, jar lifter, and funnel you could just use theirs.

You will also need a canning jar lifter. After the food as been processed in the water bath, this makes removing the jars so much easier.

You will also need a canning funnel. This makes it necessary for all the liquid to make it into the jar effectively without spilling it and getting it on the rim of the can.

I don't necessarily can all thing I grow, but there are some particular things you just can't buy at the store that taste the same as freshly canned fruits and veggies. I also like the fact that I know what's going into my food and that I can control it. I challenge you to try it if you've never given it a try before.

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